Rodney Woods

Founder, CEO & Board Chairman

"Over the years, I’ve come to understand how important it is to solve problems and how valuable solutions can be, especially in business.  If you can anticipate a need and provide a service or a product to fulfill that need, I would consider that success.  Well, we've come up with great solutions for established business owners who truly want to grow and scale their business but may not have access to capital, the education or the technology needed to get to the next level.  This is why joining PIN is so important.  We have the necessary tools needed to help executives, small and medium-size business leaders, etc. understand what it will take to get what they need.  We’re excited about the opportunity to educate and expose many to something that could potentially  change generations.”     


Tracy McGrady

Managing Partner

"Where else can you seek capital, get educated on how to run your business more efficiently, gain access to multiple services and the latest technology… all in one place?”


Jesse McRae

Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer

"Hello visionary, and welcome to the Playbook Investors Network ("PIN")!  Indeed, we are excited about your decision to become a member of our platform and join others in expressing congratulations on the favorable events which led you to us!

To reiterate, PIN is an education, evaluation and due diligence resource.  Our ecosystem of subject matter experts, consultants, and industry practitioners is evolving to offer 24/7 access to world-class thinkers across the business topic spectrum.  Moreover, our portal interface and relationship manager protocols are user-friendly and efficient to mitigate missteps completing the self-assessment for new members.

As a preview, the assessment allows PIN to partner with you in determining your company's needs.  From understanding the organizational structure to gaining clarity on the financial standing, this step is essential to positioning your enterprise to access capital to scale and grow.

As you might have guessed, prospective investors are likely to form a qualitative view of your enterprise based on an understanding of the commodity or service, core business, management team and client base.  A more quantitative opinion will almost certainly be derived from the review of your company's quality of earnings.  In other words, your method of bookkeeping or accounting for all sales, expenses and financing activities of the enterprise.  All part and parcel of the due diligence process involved in evaluating your company to get capital.

Again, on behalf of the entire PIN family, congratulations in advance on completing this phase of your growth journey.  Certainly, we lean forward with you to endeavor this next milestone!

Continued success!"


Antonio Davis

“During my years in the NBA, I witnessed the spending habits of many of my teammates and other players around the league. I have also witnessed the fallout from reckless spending, unstable investments, poor money management, dishonest business partners and agents, and theft by those you were supposed to be able to trust and guide you. With PIN, athletes will learn so much about owning and operating for-profit businesses.  Having this type of access can be a critical step during their transition away from the NBA or when they face other crossroads in life.”

Larron Tate

“More often than not, entertainers are asked to invest money into various businesses, foundations, etc. with very little knowledge about what they are investing in. Playbook Investors Network (PIN) educates entertainers about owning and operating for-profit businesses. They will have unlimited access to financial seminars, subject matter experts, and the PIN portal to ultimately invest in successful minority businesses.”

Tommy Ford

“Being a part of Playbook Investors Network (PIN) will, (1) expose pro athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs to stable, qualified minority-owned enterprises looking for investors to help them grow, (2) provide a place where MBEs can meet eligible investors efficiently and confidentially, and (3) help major corporations tell their stories and promote their affixation with minority enterprises and diversity programs to key prospects.”

  • Gain Access to Capital

  • Scale & Create More Opportunities

  • Increase Profitability

  • Reduce Operational Expenses

  • Increase Productivity

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